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Thoughts on the Future of Journalism and the Print Media

Newspapers and the wider print media have traditionally formed an important bulwark against excessive intrusions of the State, the Fourth Pillar, as they have traditionally been referred to. However, their business model have been built on on an a… Continue reading

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The Case for a Unique Identification System in Public Education

During a visit to Hubli-Dharwad in November 2009, the local pages (Hubli-Dharwad-Belgaum) of the Times of India had the following headline: ???Sky is their roof; the road their classroom – Government sanctions school without building???. The school is… Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Unique Identity Framework for India n??e Aadhaar

Background: I had written this piece many months ago when the UIDAI white paper leaked. Some of the commentary might now be dated because the goal posts have changed ever since. I have consciously ignored the privacy and security aspects because I… Continue reading

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